Levi’s Braced Chinos

Ok, braces are kind of my favourite item of the moment. They always add something vintage on a modern outfit, and something quirky to some sober ones. What we’ve got here is a pair of chinos from Levi’s, and their “Roots” name fits them perfectly. Abeit the cut is quite contemporary, this yellow wash color combines with the braces are giving the trousers a retro touch. To complete the outfit, I’d follow my-Wardrobe’s choice : a quilted jacket and some hiking boots.

€102 from my-Wardrobe

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  • Elliot

    Ive been rocking the Chinos and braces for a while now! I'm loving that style atm too!

    I just picked up a pair of White Chinos from Crew:


    and topped of with removable red braces!!

    Loving that look!