Levis 504 jeans

Selected le 10 December 2007 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Ok, I have made my decision, today I am going to talk to about Levi’s! It is a mini-event, because this is the first time in three years! It is perhaps a tad exaggerated, at least Levi’s was mentionned in some articles like the “which model of jeans?” previously published on Comme un Camion.

Actually, it is not that I am boycotting Levi’s, but through the years, we can say we have concentrated more on other denim brands. As far as I can remeber, my last pair of Levi’s dates back to my college days…

Since then, the most famous American brand has released several collections: Blue tab, Engineered, Made & Crafted, Red Tab, Vintage… Today, you can find many different and contemporary new styles such as the Levi’s 504, a semi slim, tapered cut shown above! Note that the full slim also exists, the Levi’s 511.

This tapered version is actually declined from the original 504 which was straight. Its cut is just perfect for any use. Here, on the contrary of what we could believe, these are not raw but their wash is quite similar with a dark blue rinsed denim, then it will never change even after many washes. What is the most appealing on them remains the pockets’ stitchings, quirkier than usual. Such a great cut, just go to your nearest Levi’s store and try them on!

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par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • fevzi

    you are the best dude,i have never seen and tried better jeans ever.

  • Mika

    Hmm founds this page trough google so the information is a bit old but nice article. To bad the links are not working anymore.