Le Slip Français : change your underwear before changing the world

In a 100% French spirit, along the same line as the French were in year 1789, Le Slip Français proposes men to begin their revolution with a different leading idea:

“Do you want to change the world?
Do you want things to change?
Start by changing your underwear!”

Sans culottes did not wear skivvies most certainly because Le Slip Français was not existing yet. That is what can be felt immersing ourselves into this young brand’s history. By this way, it could not have existed because it only was created in 2011 with only one product in their range: briefs!

To support this typically French concept (in a good way), Le Slip Français insists on keeping its production in France. Briefs, boxers and 100% cotton t-shirts are all made in Saint-Antoine, Dordogne, in this workshop who has been producing underwear for more than 60 years. Woven cotton socks are made in Limousin and poplin boxers are coming from Vendée.

For its second season, Le Slip Francais highly expanded its range. “Intrépide”, “Redoutable”, “Vaillant” and “Triompant” briefs are still in the line, they have now added boxers, undershirts and socks. Again, spirit remains intact with the product names: “Marcel”, “Emile”, “Eugène” or “André” for the different boxer colorways (all named after famous French boxers), “James”, “Marlon”, “Mick” et “Paul” regarding the t-shirts, for which Le Slip Français exported in a US boxing gym locker room.

The whole range is chic, elegant, fine and we are particularily fan of this sober, minimalistic design always topped by the French Flag colors. This is the kind of concept making us want to thrust our chest out and sing La Marseillaise. Moreover the brand is comitted, getting involved into organizing event for children suffering from leukemia along with the association Rêve d’Enfance.

One last finny thing, Le Slip Français recently launched its electoral campaign embezzling campaigner’s posters in a offbeat way. More info at http://www.leslipfrancais.fr

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