Le Laboureur brown wool jacket

Selected le 10 May 2012 par Adel as "the fireman"

Made in the pure French tradition in the Bourgogne region Le Laboureur’s 100% wool jackets are so untouched and natural that they seem to grow directly from the soil. A piece of France to take away. Here is a something to check out for those who anticipate next Fall.

The truth is that I’m impressed by how amazingly organic these jackets are made. The natural brown sheep wool comes from “Ouessant” sheep, an island located in northern france. The wool is then processed in years-old modeling techniques in the family factory. Simply cut with a real rustic spirit,I definitely dig the strong character of these jackets.

Regardless of trends and fashion, Le Laboureur has been making for the last 50 years authentic and traditionnal clothes inspired from different regions of France. That’s why I feel that most of their items seem to have always existed: plus vrai que nature, more real than life.

Currently available at Hickorees for about 175$, Le Laboureur’s jackets are surprisingly affordable for a made-in France brand! Yiha!

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