Lanvin blue suede sneakers

Selected le 28 March 2013 par Adel as "the fireman"

The purchase of a new pair of sneakers involves many feeling, much more than a simple mercantile relation between a man and the product standing in front of him, more than a manufacturing process, even though those Lanvin were perfectly made: ever hard-wearing Italian sole sewn to a subtle, soft suede upper, the whole handcrated in Italy. Their reputation precedes them: Lanvin may craft the sturdiest sneakers on the market, but I felt a deeper feeling when I finally grabbed my own pair:

lanvin suede navy sneakers

Carefully crafted featuring a captivating dark navy suede and leather, these sneakers convey a strong sense of some effortless simplicity and modernity.  Yet, they express much more inside. As  the word simplicity means simple and modernity means modern, these Lanvin sneakers have something deep, soulful and extremely elegant. They just speak for themselves with less.

lanvin sneakers sole

The suede texture and the color matches perfectly the captivating sleeky forefront of the shoe. The combination of all these features magnifies your feet giving them the right expression.

When standing and looking at them, the shoe design takes another dimension. Impressively dark, and shiny, your feet stand out like ready-to-fire missiles of a bunker.

By night, the moving light reflection brings out the all sexyness and charm, revealing their inner charisma, their time signature.

lanvin blue-suede sneakers

Wether you’re wearing denim jeans, chinos, or suits, slimfit or casual, these smart shoes match any bottom. They will embody your style like a second skin, giving you the right  feeling, the right charisma.

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