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Launched for spring-summer 2011, the Lacoste L!ve range has now used us to get the famous crocodile his semi-annual face-lift, a revolution our little green-skinned animal has now grew accustomed step by step, as he has remaied classic for years. Two years later now and the designers of the L!ve range follow exploring the many possibilities a 80 years old brand offers in term of image. For spring-summer 2013, they invited 5 artists from all walks of life to draw their t-shirts graphics: Ben Newman, an English graphic designer, Honet, a contemporary, baroque painter and previouly graffiti artist, Elzo, a Belgian artist halfway between graphic design and contemporary art, Andy Rementer, skilful drawer and Stevie Gee, a multipurpose illustrator. In all, they designed 9 t-shirts for Lacoste, all featuring graphics where the green croco is hard-hit, which we like!

Lacoste Live Artists series

Lacoste Live Artists series

Ben Newman for Lacoste Live

Elzo for Lacoste Live

Andy Remeter  for Lacoste Live

Honet  for Lacoste Live

Stevie Gee for Lacoste Live

In bonus two artists wished to add videos in addition to their graphics. Both are homoristic and tell the story of the t-shirt graphic, wtih the green crocodile as a guest star. Check them out:

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