John Smedley Cardigan

What is cool about discovering new shops is to consult their catalogue for the first time and dig it out to find good deals. Six Whiting Street, which has recently entered our shopping guide, is a shop located in the UK proposing brands such as Edwin, Folk, Gloverall, Heritage Research, Oliver Spencer… to name but a few. I especially spotted this discounted cardigan from John Smedley. This is a basic, every one needs quality basics. A pale blue cardigan would just add your bow a new string, completing your wardrobe with a new colorway.

john smedley cardigan

prix conseillé   €135

sur Six Whiting Street


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  • Chris RG

    Love your blog posts, they make us drool alot, in a good way of course, after spending years and years of frustrating clothes shopping trips, i now have an amazing husband who just goes and gets my clothes made for me, very fond of the odd sarong too, just one of the perks of living in bali. Keep posting, we love your blog x