Joe’s letter to Santa Claus

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Dear Santa

This year I have been a nice boy. I did not drink too much beer, smoke too much cigarettes and say too much swear-words (“fuck” doesn’t count). I slept early, I practised sports and I ate many fruits and vegetables each day. I did my homework and my little truck still goes well. So, for Christmas I’d wish you to bring me a lot of nice surpises under the tree. I thank you in advance and wish you a good luck for the D-day with your sleigh, reindeers and everything!




1/ A wool beanie : because I don’t have much beanies (not like hats for example), I would really like a nice wool beanie like this one to keep my head warm during this winter.
€49 from Farfetch

2/ A wood watch: because this one from Wewood is particularly nice. Totally made of recycled wood shavings, to be worn in summer like winter.
€99 from Timefy

3/ A burger recipe book : because eating burgers with a beer is cool and that you can even do them yourself to impress friends on a football night.
£10.50 from Amazon

4/ A vintage radio : because radio is still a great media to me and this model will totally fit with the vintage phone I’ve been gifted for my birthday.
€149€ from Amazon

5/ A bento : because I often take the train and I’ve already tasted evrything on their menu more than 10 times. Here is something to bring with me my own rice, chicken and avocado to stay in a good shape.
€27 from Amazon

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