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Selected the 22 October 2008 by Joe the "tire-remover"

If you’ve managed to save some cash and want a new wallet this autumn, I invite you to discover the products from the American brand, J.Fold. They’re unusual and affordable! These sporty-looking wallets are made of leather and most of the styles are perforated like the one above. The inside is often a contrasting colour: here turquoise, and red for other styles. And they cost around fifty Euros. They’re available from Amazon, Bagga menswear. And based on the same idea, with the same look: J.Fold also make computer bags. However, they obviously cost more than a wallet ;-)


retail price   $212

at Amazon

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  • Ben

    Real nice wallets, good selection on Stand Out too. Shame I've nothing to put in it :)

  • B

    I remember I bought one for 20 dollars. I didn't know it was a really good brand. Then one day it fell out of my pocket while sitting 4 hours watching a live Opera. =[

    I miss my J-Fold wallet.