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To a lot of people, the word jewelry instantly brings up the image of a woman wearing something on her finger like a diamond ring. Perhaps she has on a necklace with colored stones, or another item that definitely equates with being feminine.

Not only do men wear jewelry – remember the “gold chain” era of the 1970s, the era where that particular item was required clothing for the bachelors who hit the discos? –many types of jewelry are considered fashionable for the male sex. Just because you happen to be male doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing a piece of jewelry from time to time.

Let us start with a basic item most men are familiar with daily, especially if they are married. Wearing a wedding ring is considered a basic form of jewelry. Engagement and wedding rings are often simple circular bands and can be interchanged between men and women. Staying in the area of rings, most high school and college-age men can be seen with a class ring on their finger. This is a common way for men to express loyalty to their alma mater without appearing too feminine.

Rings do not have to be simple circular bands. They might be different colors. They might feature stones in them. Rings featuring white diamonds are tasteful, but black diamond rings are also fashionable and a way for men to “dress up” their clothing without going too far over the edge. Black diamond rings, or diamond rings of other colors, are often used as engagement or wedding rings, and they are definitely meant to express love and/or marriage.

vintage cord watch

A common misconception among people is whether a watch is considered jewelry. Not only is the answer yes, whether a watch is simple or elaborate in design it is still considered jewelry. It can have a simple band of leather, silver or gold. The watch can have a minute hand, hour hand and second hand. It even could have a stopwatch built into it. Yes, it’s still jewelry. So the next time someone looks at you funny because you have on a watch that goes well with your suit, just tell them it is a part of any man’s vital wardrobe.

The gold chain cliché may be gone, but necklaces are still considered part of male jewelry and a tasteful addition to any person’s wardrobe. Necklaces with a cross at the bottom are part of what many men wear every day, but you don’t have to be religious to wear a cross necklace. Just as a woman may wear a necklace with a diamond stone or one of another color at the bottom, a man can wear a necklace with a colored stone. Like black diamond rings, a man may wear a black diamond necklace or pendant.

Just as women have taken to wearing men’s fashions, like shirts or blue jeans, men have taken to jewelry and expanded the available number of people that are apt to hit the nearest store. Next time you are looking for that extra piece of accessory that helps dress up a wardrobe, don’t be square and go without. It’s hip to wear jewelry and still be stylish at the same time.

[Guest Post provided by Becky W.]

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