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Selected le 9 November 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

jean shop selvedge slim denim

As you may know, we’re always looking for superior quality jeans. I recently came across this American brand called Jean Shop -quite a generic name, but why not? Originaly, Jean Shop is a New Yorkese store specialized in jeans, over the year they have come to sell their own creations. They only use exclusive Japanese selvedge denim fabrics and produce all by hand in their workshop in the USA. Jeans Shop is part of this neo-denim authentism movement, those recent brands loving to tell stories about their products in search for quality and great cuts above all. Their fit, plus the raw selvege, plus their very-orange stichings are making these jeans shine like no other. But no worry, all will fade greatly after a few weeks wearing them. As always, quality has a price…

jean shop buttons
jean shop selvedge detail

jean shop leather patch

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sur Mr Porter

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  • Rob

    Been living in Jean Shop for about 3 years now.The rocker fit is the best fit I have ever come across.I love their denim.