I came, I saw, I called back. – Partie I : When should I call back?

Finally! A few weeks ago, you discovered the seduction advice section of Frenchtruckers, and 7 is no longer the number of deadly sins for you, but the number after the 0 in the phone numbers of all those girls you’ve met. Sarah, Louise, Jennifer, your diary is starting to look more like it should (you being a single man about town, and all), rather than a homework diary. But in love as in rugby, scoring tries isn’t everything, you need to go for the conversion. I mistrust all systematizers and I avoid them, said Nietzsche, and therefore we will not follow a set of magic rules to be applied at all times, but we’ll change tack according to the situation.

Situation 1 – typically, its that old chestnut, the girl you met in the street, you overcame your fear to speak to a stranger without trying to blatantly chat her up, you have managed to get her number, and your happier than if it were the winning lottery numbers. Nevertheless, when you think back on it, you realise that everything went quite quickly, and you only spent about 5 or 10 minutes with her. In this type of situation, don’t be big-headed, you’ll only stay in her mind for a few days. This means that the less time you spent with her the less comfortable she will be around you, so you shouldn’t wait too long to call her. She’s expecting you to respect the unwritten, and frankly stupid “3-day rule” that she’s read about in magazines, so thwart her plans by calling her only 2 days later, before the memory of you goes into the lost-and-found section in her brain. Whatever happens, never call her the day after. Whatever your other qualities may be, your attempt at becoming and staying the main attraction will not survive this gross error.

Red Phone

Situation 2 – you had the chance to christen your new powers of seduction over a longer period (an evening with friends, seduction over a longer period at work etc), and to put her enough at ease to almost miss you when you leave. In this case, change tack and make yourself scarce. An example being worth more than a long explanation, imagine that Ingrid, from the Swedish branch of Elite models, spends the evening at the Met Bar to celebrate the launch of a new redder-than-red lipstick. That night, she “chats” with 6 men, for 30 minutes each. They are all equally funny, cultivated and all drive Porsche Cayennes. Just another night for poor old Ingrid.
– The following day, 3 of the men call her. As she is busy counting the number of drops of olive oil she is allowed on her salad, she can’t answer. Of course, she’ll never call them back, as that’s not the done thing, or because it’s not worth it, they’ll either call back or be replaced.
– The next day, the 4th calls. She answers, he gives it a go, and with over-the-top good humour, tries to make her laugh and invites her to the theatre. She refuses, saying it’s her flatmate’s birthday. The last time she went to the opera, her seat was so uncomfortable that she woke up every time she managed to drop off.
– The 5th calls 3 days later. Before he even gets his name out, she already knows what he wants, and promises to call him back because she’s in the car at the moment, and “the signal keeps dropping”. He finally understands 2 months later that she’s never going to call him back.
– Days go by, and, chatting with her best friend (girls aways have best friends, which they rank like competitors in a race), she realises that the 6th guy hasn’t called her yet! How dare he! What else could he possibly have to do other than call her, like the others?

That’s your weapon, “what’s he doing?”. That’s what you need to call to her mind, and in order to do so there’s only one way: to disappear. For maximum one week, don’t push your luck. And never call at the weekend, or you might as well have got “no social life” tattooed on your forehead. You can stretch the week from 5 to 9 days, depending on which day you met.

Coming up: I came, I saw, I called! – Part II: what to say ?

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