How to dress when you are tall

This may be source of interest if you’re taller than 6.4 ft or a UK13 size (or more). Jackets and shirts sleeves, trousers legs you find in stores are way to short for you, then you try some XXL, then shoulders does not fit well, and trousers look like baggies! Well ok, you can easily reach the top of any shelf or even dunk, but dressing yourself decently is a real headache. Here are few advices and addresses to help you. Here is the second article of the “non-standard” series we launched with “how to dress when you are short“.

tall chest


Most of the time, tall and slim men have difficulties finding long enough tops, with rightly fitting shoulders (the seam may fit at the exact top of your shoulder) and long enough sleeves. Actually, this works for any man, otherwise this top ins’t made for you. So you could be tempted trying larger sizes, but XXLs were thought for heavy men more than tall ones. Wearing some, people would think you’re a child wearing adult clothes (yes, even if you are 6,9 ft). Just choose the right size!

Slim men have to widen their chest. Bet on oversized prints and/or horizontal prints (stripes, large checks) and go for shoulders padded jackets. This will emphasize a V look. Hackett or Ralph Lauren offert 3 lenght options (Short, regular and long). As for shirts, try to avoid fine collars. Also know that English brands such as Charles Tyrwhitt or TM Lewin offer neck and sleeve lenght customization. For t-shirts, go for wide collars. For jackets, double-breasts will stengthen your chest horizontality and you could even dare checks. Regarding coats, go for long or heavy pieces like trench-coats or bomber jackets.

Where to find some?

Charles Tyrwhitt
Eden Park
Gianni Ferrucci
Hugo Boss big sizes
Pal Zileri
TM Lewin
Tommy Hilfiger

capelstore look


Tall guy, your legs are disproportionate compared to your chest. Whether they are slim or muscled, try to make them look slimmer isn’t a good solution as you would look lanky as a beanpole. Prefer straight cuts keeping your silhouette proportionned. A difficulty is to find long enough legs. Some brands have L36 or L38, espacially for jeans. At worst, you could always go at a retoucher if you trousers are too long (absurd, isn’t it?)

For shorts, just try to avoid fitted models, and try to keep an eye on the length choosing them at the knee level(shorts shouldn’t fit like vintage running models). Finding some is easier, just choose long shorts for normal people.

For swimming trunks, the rule is the same. Go for long boardshorts you can find from all surf brands.

Where to find some?

Cub Jeans
The Flat Head

levis 501 l36


Shoes brand offering large sizes are a rare commodity, the only tip is knowing those who have sizes up to UK15-16. Regarding the style, fine shoes with perfectly rounded toe like Converse could easily make you look like a clown. Prefer slightly squared edges or avoid fine uppers.

Massive shoes could be an option: boots, workwear shoes will give your silhouette some balance if you match them with piece from the same universe like raw jeans or heavy cardigans. Regarding formal wear, go for pointed shoes keeping a good proportion between your legs and you feet size.

Where to find some?

John Spencer
Marvin & Co
Profession Bottier

dr martens uk 15


You can’t find any clothes your right size, the ideal option is going for made-to-measure then. It guarantees you getting perfectly fittied pieces!

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