End of the world? How to dress well

Looks le 20 December 2012 par Joe the "tire-remover"

I wouldn’t like to waste your day but as the Mayan calendar says, tomorow is the end of our world! I don’t precisely know what’s on the schedule (earthquakes, tsunamis, asteroid crash, nuclear war…) so before giving in to panic and running in every direction, I propose yet to solve the outfit question: how to dress for end of the world? (either you write for a fashion blog, or not.) For tomorow, I’m betting on a good old pair of boots, yes, the floor might be full of fragments and trashes. I also plan on wearing a heavy wool collar parka to keep my body warm in case of a new Ice Age. Under it, if I were to stay alive, I opted for a shirt and a cardigan. One never knows if a “rebirth” party was to be thrown for survivors on the evening, a bit of elegance would be required though! Well, I also picked up my helmet and glasses to protect my face against the explosion. Good luck truckers!


Glasses Climax
Coat Seil Marshall
Cardigan Hèdus
Shirt Bold Boys
Chinos Scotch & Soda
Boots Red Wing

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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