How to dress for a baptism, for a communion

Advices le 17 August 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Summer is usually a period of the year when you receive invitations to all celebrations like baptisms, communions, bar mitzvah… and every time, a question necessarily comes: “what am I going to wear for this party, halfway between formal and informal?” In doubt, know that better being dressed too elegantly than the contrary. No one could reproach you wearing your nicest suit and your fanciest shoes! On the other hand, Grandma will certainly pout at you seeing you come in bermudas and flip-flops (she won’t be the only, but at least she will say it frankly). You still have questions about the best way to dress for this occasion, here are few advices!

Formal option


If it is certain that you should wear a suit, better doing it a decent way. As we are in summer, you could dare light colors like this mouse-grey, or a discreet beige you would wear over a colored shirt. Go for a light fabric and don’t forget that wearing a jacket under a blazing sun can quickly make you stifle. And always keep some informal touch: leave the tie at home, use you jacket details (like here with a 3 pockets jacket), ever dare unmatched colors, but always wear summer shades.



The suit option necessarily comes with Oxford shoes. As you are wearing bright colors, don’t wear black shoes. A tan/cognac pair would go fine with a same colored belt.



Still under the same perspective, informal but elegant: a jacket lining, tortoise sunglasses, colored socks will comfort you that you are wearing the right outfit for the occasion and not for a funeral. Also you will look better than your father-in-law, anyway, he chose a pink check shirt, a beige suit and boat shoes :x




Suit: Smuggler – Shirt: Jack & Jones – Belt: Topman – Shoes: Scarosso – Sunglasses: Emmanuelle Khanh

Informal Option

Photos we used for the first part of this article were taken for a summer event where it was certain I qhould wear a suit. According to the place, the family or even if you prefer, you may not need to dress formally. If suits remains very elegant (actually the most elegant for men), they are not necessarily required for this type of event. So we thought we could add some casual-chi inspired outfit which could go well for all summer celebrations.

baptism outfit

If you feel that you are going to be the only to dress in your Sunday best, you can take the “informal” option while keeping a touch of elegance and style. Chinos are ok, but elegant chinos! Bet on beige with a printed and colored shirt. For your feets, opt for a pair of suede derbies in camel or cognac. A blazer could be worn in case of more formal needs.

Blazer: Samsoe Samsoe – Shirt: Knowledge Cotton Apparel – Belt: Topman – Trousers: Filippa K

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