How to clean a felt hat?

Advices le 3 January 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Once the winter has come I have taken my felt hat out of the closet. It was quite damaged from last season and did not appreciate much to fall on the floor during a concert in april. It was dirty and dented. This drama lead me to buy my first hat brush. And if it looks presentable on the first picture above, it surely is thanks to this first brushing.


This event gave me the idea of going back to Pauline Brosset’s (cf. bespoke Panama hats), who opened her workshop in Paris since. We started over to illustrate the different steps to clean and reshape a felt hat in picture.


1/ Spray the hat with the iron’ steam 2/ Put the hat on a mold (if you’re a hatmaker, though you may not need advices :x) or stuff it with paper 3/ Strat giving the hat its original shape with your hands 4/ Iron the edge to flatten (cover the hat with a rag to protect it before)


5/ Lift the back edge to reshape it 6/ Brush the hat from the top to the bottom 7/ Sponge down the felt if there are stains 8/ Use rubbing alcohol for deeper stains.


And there you are!

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