Heyday Sneakers

Selected le 15 February 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

After working with lots of shoes brand, Darin Hager finally created its own one in 2006. Through Heyday, he can express its vision of a fashion shoe. Then, his sneakers which design is really different from what we can usually find, are in totally in tune with our times. From runways to the streets, the pair we’ve got here is called the Super Shift. Its patent leather body reminds of some upscale sneakers. By the way, we really like the white contrasting lining. But what most draws our attention is many customization possibilities thanks to some removable straps. I’d personally remove them all and put some laces…

$165 from Trucker Deluxe

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  • Jerome

    I've been looking EVERYWHERE for my first pair of hi-top sneakers. From something I can wear on the streets to something at night, I think this pair fits the bill. I don't even think I have to shop around for another pair after this!

  • http://www.frenchtruckers.com Romano as "the

    Hi Jerome,

    You made an excellent choice with Heyday, but maybe you should have start with something more basic like Nike Blazers or Nike Dunks. I think they're easier to match.

    Ps: do you really have lots of customizing possibilities with the straps?

  • Exclusive Sneakers

    Great one from Heyday! The Super Shift uses supple, tumbled leather with Heyday's signature triple stitching and raw leather edges that take on character the more it is worn. Full leather lining and a memory foam foot bed make this the most comfortable kicks you will ever wear..

  • Jerome

    I wanted something a lot more edgy and night-friendly than Nike Blazers or Dunks, so I do think this is a good find. But in terms of matching, I'm pretty sure I'm fine. What outfit do you think matches this best?