Han Kjobenhavn tank top

Selected le 8 May 2012 par Adel as "the fireman"

If the new Han Kjobenhavn tank top could speak for itself, it would probably say something like “Je vais à la plage”. Yeah I know this is also what most foreigners like to say when they start learning French. The truth is # “Je vais à la plage” is more than just a sentence, it’s even a hashtag that defines really well the spirit of wearing a striped “marcel”.

Let me add others :

#Summer. Beach house. Sand castles. Vintage. yOUTH. Polaroïds. Swimming suits. Surf. FUNFUNFUN. Auf der autobahn. Colors. Play. Les vacances de monsieur Hulot. Super 8. Danish. Sommaren med Monika. Sunny. WOuldn’t been nice. Toys. Rubber ring. Kids. Mummyy! Pop.Vache qui rit. Puppies. SMiles. Seashells. La Madrague. Bath towels. 100% cotton. Brigitte Bardot. £65. Coggles.

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