Half green, half summer

Looks le 31 July 2012 par Tony the “Cement maker“

It is a fact, some of you may not bear this, but green has emerged as a key color this summer. I am not telling green is like any ad song Coke were inflicting us during the 90’s (I pretty sure I can win a lawsuit reminding any judge that we could hear Wes – Alane during any commercial break in 1997, this stuff almost blasted a whole music-lovers generation…). This year, green naturally comes as a summery color. That is why we tought that Les Buttes Chaumont, this park located in the 19th arrt would be and ideal place to shoot these greenish pictures. Park’s difference of height would allow a permanent green background which is highly noticeable in this shooting.


Time had come to start shooting wearing shorts. We just waited patiently for the Parisian weather to allow it, even though a Herringbone blazer was still necessary in the shade. The whole outfit is pretty dark and neutral, as we wanted to enlight it with the shoes and the sunglasses.


Actually, a quick focus on those shoes and sunglasses and we have got a key word : color. I have had nothing but compliments about those green loafers since I have got them. Of course they have to be matched with some neutral colors exclusively but I am truely happy with this impulse purchase. Regarding the sunglasses, here are some very original bluish tortoise frames.


Jacket : Asos
Polo : 13 Bonaparte
Shorts : All Saints
Loafers : Bobbies
Sunglasses : Persol

Photos par Frederic Dith. Retrouve également Tony sur Facebook

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  • Antome

    I am a fan myself of this look, in most of its variations. Barefoot looks cool, to me, and now the look is mostly pulled off with no socks, personally I wear ankle socks with this look, most of the time, it still feels more strange to me not to. But I want to try the variation without socks, as they can be worn either way.

    About the socks I already know the rule about using darker colors or black, not white, and never tall socks with shorts.