Hairgum Move Matt Wax

For hair the 25 April 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

Since few weeks I use this wax coming from a little know brand which name speaks for itself: Hairgum. In 1989, the laboratory Ariland makes the hairwax revive in France through its brand Hairgum, providing hair professionals with equipment: waxes, gels and coloring products. Only recently, Hairgum expanded to a wider market and offers now its large range of hair styling products to individuals. I have tested their Matt Wax from the range Move.

hairgum wax

Made of many unpronounceable name substances, the case exudes a smell of liquorice, anise once opened (this means something for guys from Marseille like me, see The wax is thick, very sticky and gives the hair a matt look (which is also important). By the way, I have never used such a sticky product before. Insomuch that I didn’t skimp on the dose at the first time, then it was at least three shampoos to get my beautiful brown mane clean.

hairgum wax matt
romano hairgum matt wax

The main advantage getting such a strong product is you can keep a matt effect while leaving your imagination style the craziest hairs you want (cf: picture above). So keep the thing moderated, and the Hairgum Move Matt Wax may be the stongest glue wax you will have ever tried. Unboubtedly a first-team player! For your information, they recently changed the packaging, so I’ve tested the old case, but it remains the same product. Tested and approved! Ps : do not leave it accessible to children , they could think about chewing it.

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