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We’ve been talking so much about selvedge denim, their superior quality compared to basic fabrics, how to make them look better with age, how to wash raw jeans, maybe it is time for you to get your first pair of premium jeans. Since few weeks, there is a small brand which reputation grows. Selvedge jeans, nice fabric, in few words, quality for $81 only! We did not hesitate for a long time, we had to test Gustin jeans!


Gustin is an American brand founded by passionate guys about this special fabric: denim. In 2011, having worked in various fields of denim (sewing, mills, etc.) the founders decided to launch their own denim brand based on a particular concept. From a simple question is born Gustin: why paying $200 for jeans in store as it would cost around 2.5 times less in direct for a same quality? Inspiring from the most popular denim brands, getting their fabric from the same factories, producing locally by hand (San Fransisco), Gustin launched their special concept. Here is the deal: they buy some denim rolls from the best providers of the World, sell them on their website estimating how many jeans they can make with the stock, then create jeans once they get sure the whole fabric is sold. This is more or less Kickstater’s principle, actually they have tried it in January 2013 and got a substantial boost.

jeans gustin plat

jeans gustin american selvedge

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When you wish to get a pair of Gustin jeans, you can only choose a fabric amongst what they have available at the given moment (otherwise the better thing to do is waiting). When I ordered, they had a 14,75oz raw selvedge denim, quite thick then, coming from Cone Mills (Levi’s ever provider). A fabric you could find from around $200 in store, they proposed it from $81. Bingo, let’s test it!

jeans gustin etiquette

The jeans arrived in a month. Straight cut, raw, thick and rigid fabric, leaving indigo marks on the fingers and shoes. Let’s examine the jeans from all angles, they feature a leather patch, 5 belt loops and one with selvedge detail, oxidized silver buttons with Gustin details from both sides, selvedge fabric, blue trimming on the back pockets, red hems, rivets on the front pockets, etc. There is no doubt about it, these are well made jeans! Another rare feature, even the buttonholes area was made with selvedge denim.

jeans gustin boutons

jeans gustin boutonniere

jeans gustin details

Let’s focus on the fabric, some could say 14.75oz is a mid-weight denim, but this can be especially thick when you are not used to it. Meaning that it may hurt from the hips and behind the knees the first times you will wear your jeans. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! Wearing the jeans will help the fabric to stretch, and they will fit like a glove (or tights) next. If you don’t feel like suffering, just wait for a lighter fabric on Gustin’s website, like 12oz. Well, I got used to get scars when wearing jeans for the first time, and again, this fabric really worthed it. What remains to see is how it will fade over time.

jeans gustin dos

jeans gustin patch

jeans gustin poches

gustin cone mills selvedge 14-75 oz


As you may have noticed, I was excited about testing one of these Gustin jeans. And I’m telling you right now how worthy their are! I went for a straight fit, theirs is really nicely made. They had to craft the jeans according to their special process, though this one month period seemed rather short. As for the sizing (6.17ft – W32) I took my usual size. And if butonning up was quite hard at the beginning, they are now comfortable like sweatpants. Regarding the fabric quality, what remains the most important after all, that’s top notch denim! Honestly, $81 for such premium jeans is unbeatable (unless the $20 shipping cost for Europe – a little effort on this point would be greatly appreciated guys!) – Tested and approved mention!

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    Damn, only 34″ inseam for the size 31!