Griffin X Baracuta

Selected le 14 October 2009 par Joe the "tire-remover"

griffin-baracura-look“The Baracuta colab came about at a time when Jeff was inspired by the music of the 70’s and was looking to work with an established brand to produce a garment that would sit well within the collection for that season. Upon joining forces the two brands decided on the heritage Baracuta G9 jacket. The first Griffin X Baracuta jacket was launched in early ’08 and season after season the jacket has been redeveloped and refreshed resulting in the colab forming a following of it’s own”.

This Griffin jacket is a limited edition made in England. Reversible, it features a micro dogtooth polyester fabric on one side and Desert Camo DPM and red contrasting sleeves on the other. Griffin X Baracuta logo embroidered on the chest.



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par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • Danny Wong

    this is an AMAZING jacket.

    and it goes great with the orange pants. LOVE those pants! especially because they're creased down each leg.

    not sure if the checkered shirt and bowtie was the best idea for a top though