Gram: the heavy Swedish sneaker

We recently discovered Gram, a sneakers brand founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Their creations are sophiticated, inspired from the classic scandinavian aesthetic and design with some uncluterred lines and always particular details. By this way, the brand tries to create products being halfway between sneakers and classic shoes. One funny thing is the way they call their products, each model is named after its weight in grams.

Shoes are handmade using natural materials only. Looking at a pair of Gram, we can feel it carries a particular aura thanks to some audacious mixes of colors and fabrics. For spring-summer 2012, the brand used a lot of linen, raw and tanned leathers, cotton and metals (raw brass). Their purpose is to create some handmade, nicely shaped shoes in raw fabrics so they could get a nice patina, get more beautiful with the wearing effect of time.

In addition to the 488g and the 497g, which are basically low and high cap toe sneakers with hiking details (these ones highly caught my eyes), the flagship pair is a collab based on the 380g. It is a derby featuring some upper stichings giving it a very elegant look. Insjöns Väveri, a weaver supplier of the Swedish royal court since 1947 took part in this collab with a traditionally patterned cotton made with the same machines they were using at their very beginning.

The brand only has few distributors (for the moment), then you will have to bend over backwards to get your pair (only fall-winter 2011 is findable online). Or you could wait few weeks, a little birdie told me that many stockists are going to chance it! Price from €79 to €203. More info at


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  • Jason

    Quite original, visually catchy without being over the top trendy. Like.