Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler : our test

Traditional shaving enthusiast (Joe’s more electric shavers addicted), I have been testing for a month the lastest Gillette created in partnership with Braun: the Fusion ProGlide Styler. It is a three in one razor in which they put many shaving fuctions to suit everyone’s use: a classic razor, a clipper and a “precision” fuction made for finishing touches:


Heir to the Fusion ProGlide, the Styler is a thick traditional razor (2 cm diameter). It features a larger number of blades than its predecessor (5 versus 4), and thinner. They kept a generic connector for it, so classic Fusion ProGlide blades can be adapted.


Indeed, the Fusion ProGlide Styler features two functions. For this product Gillette invited Braun, a trimmer specialist, to bring its technology and expertise in such a field. Working with a AA battery, the trimmer function offers 3 different length combs, allowing to trim your stubble at will.


Fusion ProGlide blades are equipped with a hidden blade on their back Gillette calls “precision edging blade”. It can be used to trim, define more precisely the areas you usually can’t reach with a normal blade (too thick) : nose, sideburns, mustache or the neck.


I confess not being a big fan of the three-days beard, I rather prefer to “cultivate it” during three weeks without any trimming. I had to commit myself trying it for this occasion. The trimmer offers enough power to trim a three-days beard. I used it around ten times this last month and the battery has not gone flat yet.

Regarding the razor function, it is different. Handling is quite hard. Such a thick handle could give a comfort impression first, but it is actually not easy to manipulate. Incorporating a trimmer fuction in a razor inevitably implies a heavier and thicker item. Then, when using it, I feel too much distance between the handle and the blade at the expense of precision. Finally, making the “head” move to fit the face lines easily, Gillette usually does that, may be practical for many but I don’t really like it (precision and habit maybe).

To finish, the precision blade is a very useful tool the brand added. One could think this blade is much too thick for the nose finishing touches but actually no use trying to put the whole razor into it. As for the sideburns, it’s always cool to look like you’re coming back from the haidresser everyday.

Then we have:
Trimmer : yes
Razor : no
Precision blade : yes

prix conseillé   $19


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