Gieves and Hawkes

Shops le 24 April 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

I’ve just entered Gieves and Hawkes when James and Nigel welcomed me in the purple lobby of the shop. The brand new refurbished shop (I could say museum and shining place) of Gieves and Hawkes take place on N°1 Savile Row and in the old English National Geographic Society’s building. The decorators made an excellent work. The perfect mix between classic roots and the big historic past of the brand (both businesses were founded in 1771 for Hawkes, and 1785 for Gieves) and a touch of sixties and seventies that match “à la perfection”. This mix make an impressive shock for any visitors when they come in. Everything is colorful, bright, smart, and attractive. And look to this roof!

After the first impact, Nigel bring me to the shoemakers. In the Gieves and Hawkes’s shop there is a corner specially dedicated to shoes. The Carréducker’s duo of Deborah Carré and James Ducker will provide you the best craft of English handsewn shoemaking. They also could teach you how to do your own pair of shoes, but only three times a year between London and New York. Then we went backstairs, in the factory i felt the intense passion that live in each workers. I saw some pattern for Robbie Williams, the King of Tonga or an other William who will be married soon.

To finish, with a glass of champagne in my hand, I’ve been introduced to the archives of the brand. Any visitor can have a look on military suit from 18th century and see by himself what quality means in this house. All the suit could be wear now! And if you want to have your face clean and ready for your hard day, have a quick look upstairs, you’ll discover the Gentlemen’s Tonic barber and spa. To relax and prepare yourself during the hard moment of choosing the best way to dress for tonight. At the end of your tour you’ll be completely ready, worn from toes to the head and at the top of the proper english style.

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