Garbstore Parka

Garbstore Parka

Guys, I seriously came across what could be called the best parka of the season! It comes from one of our favourite English brands, The Garbstore, known for mixing cutting edge and vintage designs. That is what pleases us so much on this Langdale parka. It is actually inspired from a 1960’s piece and customized with the Garbstore’s touch.

The jacket features a 100% coton waterproof fabric and a wool lining, four front pockets, and a concealed buttoning. A perfect contruction, and a perfect choice of colors with a black dominance contrasted by navy and “petrol” pockets and white drawstrings. Icing on the cake is their classic Ishigure wool lining with a very authentic looking striped pattern. Unfortunately, only the price could slow down my dreams… until I have enough savings :>

prix conseillé   £369.95

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