Folk x Edwin Jeans

Selected le 17 November 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Put together Edwin, a top quality renowned jeansmaker, and Folk, a fashionable brand, and you’ve got an incredibly appealing pair of jeans. It’s actually picking up what both brands are good at, in order to satisfy jeans lovers demands. And they really manage to “do the job” well.

£139 from Kiosk78

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  • Jerome

    This may seem like a strange request, but for your next posting, would you care to share what you think is the ideal cologne or scent at the moment? You're really on top of the fashion scene so I figure this should be easy for you! Thank you!

    • Romano from Marseill

      Sorry Jerome, I don't know anything about scents. Mine is "l'Homme" from Yves Saint Laurent.