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It has been a while that I have been looking for a winter coat, I finally found something suiting my tastes from Folk. A brand we’ve been following for quite a long time and which quality is more than reliable, undoubtedly a sure bet! My demands were simple: 1- a warm coat for winter. 2- a peacoat. 3- must suit my style. 4- budget of about £210. All my conditions were met, then I took the plunge!

First thing, the coat is 70% wool made, a thick wool coming from Italy. Enough to keep my body warm from Mistral (name of a cold wind from the South of France) storms. Here we can talk about a peacoat because of the length and the double breasts. The main difference with a classic peacoat may be the shawl collar here, this is precisely what caught my attention.

Additional details also appealed me much: the color palette first, with the use of brown (buttons, pocket buckles) contrasting the dominant navy, and such original pockets which fastening straps are made of vegatally tanned leather.

Once on your shoulders, the coat suits all expectations : warmness, good cut (though a bit too straight) and an awesome style. One could think puting you hands in the pockets might be annoying. It is true at the beginning, but your hands quickly get used to slip through the pocket straps (even fastened there’s enought space). Tested and approved!

£219 (£365)from Woodhouse

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