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Trends le 24 September 2007 par Joe the "tire-remover"

rugby and fashion

Here we go, kick off for 6 weeks of rugby! For a rugby lover like me, it’s a really important event. I will try nonetheless for these few weeks to keep on truckin’. So I’ll try (no pun intended), to dedicate a series of articles to rugby and fashion.

Rugby is basically a thug’s sport played by gentleman, all about blood, sweat and tears, giving one’s all for one’s team. And today it’s still the same, but in 20 years, the men have changed, rugby’s become a professional sport, and has become more popular. We’ve had the team with the pink bow ties, Michalak’s pretty face, the Stade du France, with it’s glitter and the Kenzo kits… And not forgetting the Dieux du Stade calendar! In only a few years, rugby has become a rather glamorous affair. So much so you might almost forget that Bernard Laporte, the French coach, has recently been advertising ham (not so stylish).

This week, between matches, I will present a series of rugby-inspired articles. Which also keep an air of fashion about them. Because although this may be the Rugby World Cup, it doesn’t mean that just any old thing to do with rugby is in fashion! Wearing a supporter’s scarf, for example, outside of the ground, gets you a yellow card! Beware of fashion faux pas. Special dispensation, of course, will be given for the French kit on match days ;)

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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