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fallow denim

It’s been a long time since I wanted to present you Fallow Denim, I’m taking the plunge today. As any denim amateur, I’m sensitive to authentic brands caring for fabrics above all, and sharing us a certain philosophy. Maybe you could think they are just another denim brand among dozens. And you won’t be so far from reality. But, Isn’t it what denim is about? I mean, passionate people, Japanese denim fabric and local craftsmanship.

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Fallow’s range is quite complete, from straight to slim through tapered (even loose). And great attention to details is payed for each pair of jeans : buttons, rivets, lining and stichings are all bordering on perfection. Of course, the denim used here comes from Japan, and it is made to get better with age. I’d gladly go for their straight legs cut made of a 1,5oz raw selvedge denim, all crafter by hand in the UK. Have some of you ever teste Fallow jeans? We need your feedback!

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