Expresso chic

Go shooting in fancy hotels is always a privilege. But shooting in beautiful places is also abouth finding the right outfit. One often say dressing with elegance is a proof of respect to people you will get in touch with, a way to show them your regards and consideration. When thinking a look for such a pleasant place, take into account that a chic outfit testifies the attention you pay to details and aestetics of what surrounds you, as though you would only understand the world in term of harmony and elegance. For those who would still be doubting it, what you wear tells so much about you. That’s why I did not hesitate for a second and went for a tailored suit as soon as I knew we were going to shoot in this recently opened hotel.





A short break on the suite’s balcony to take a breath of fresh air. For this suit I have chosen a Ariston blue tweed. The pocket hankerchief suits the buttonhole and the jacket’s lining, red as well. The blue/red mix always works and brings something elegant here. Actually, that’s what makes the difference with the banker suit, worn for professional obligation (with all due respect to bankers), and a suit worn by mere pleasure.




With this suit, it is nearly impossible to wear something other than a white shirt with a tie. This time again, I could only follow the rule. A blue shirt could have been an option, but the outfit would have lost in elegance, strenght and distinction. Just a quick notice: the shirt should be 1/1.5cm longer than the jacket’ sleeve and most of fall perfectly on the watch.




An exceptional pair of shoes is essential when wearing this kind of suit. I went for a pair of bi-materials Oxford shoes with perforated toes,. A bit gangsta, I’ll give you that, only misses the submachine gun. We even dared a further touch of originality wearing reddish socks, like the jacket’s lining, which remains consistent here.





Tailored suit & hankerchief: French Tailor
Shirt: IKKS
Watch: Union Glashutte
Tie & belt: COS
Socks: Uniqlo
Shoes Crockett & Jones

Thanks to Hôtel de Nell, 7-9 Rue du Conservatoire, Paris for the welcome. Photos by Romano.

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