Evisu Snake Eyes hand-painted jeans

Selected le 21 February 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

2013 is the Chinese year of the Snake, and we’ve been seeing for weeks brands releasing some creations in dedication to this event. We got used to see Evisu taking part in the festivities in their own way. I mean, by making custom jeans. We can remember last year’s limited edition for the year of the Dragon or January’s limited first Year of the snake limited edition jeans. This time Evisu used their skills in hand painting to create a pair of selevedge jeans to celebrate again the year of the Snake. On the back pockets, they apply a painting work which will inlay into the fabric and fade with wear. The jeans are painted pair by pair by Evisu’s artist, meaning that each pair would be unique. Different cuts can be customized under your requirements (limited). A one-of-a-kind pair has a price: £250 from Evisu online store.

Evisu snake eye jeansevisu paintworkevisu selvedge denim

In bonus find also a video of Evisu’s hand painting process made for the Olympics :

prix conseillé   £250

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