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One day in Camden with Urban Outfitters

Camden is a quarter located in the North of London. People often know Camden for its famous alternative market called the Camden Market. Urban Outfitters is about to open its 8th Londoner shop in the area, 211 Camden High Street, right next to Camden Town metro station, in this old cinema from 1909 transformed into… Read more

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What to do if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to dress?

A real shame, something you can’t even imagine. Dating a gril who dresses like a scarecrow. There is one thing people keep repeating from our childhood: girls like to dress up to find their Prince Charming (actually you). That’s bad luck, you have met this girl at a costume party and had a crush on… Read more

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The Gatsby Style

A new version of The Great Gatsby was released this week. More than the challenge of turning a bestselling book into a movie adaptation, putting into pictures what is the Gastby style appears to be relevant to us. For all those who had the chance reading the original book – I would recommend it –… Read more

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French Truckers heats the tapas road

After our trip in Lyon in February where we shooted most of our spring photos, we decided to get a change of horizon in the Catalan capital! Bercelona, its “Ramblas”, its cathedral (under construction for ages), its parks, its tapas and parties… actually, we’re going there to find nice sceneries for our summer photo series… Read more

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French Truckers in Lyon: Good Times

the 4 February 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

This weekend we were in Lyon to shoot our first photos for the upcoming spring-summer season. We are coming back with plenty photo series we will publish within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, we have made a first selection whith backstage pictures and our Friday night party report (we left the camera home for Saturday)…. Read more

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Behind the Scenes : ASOS

the 30 November 2012 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

Few days ago we went to London visiting ASOS headquarters. Since its beginning in 2000, ASOS is established in the British Capital with around 1000 persons working there! One of the biggest site in Europe, maybe THE biggest. So we’ve been shown around the studios (photo and design), the catwalk and the whole working area… Read more

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10 tips to kiss a girl you already know

Here we are. Dates, diner are all very well, but a time finally comes when you have to kiss. Unfortunately guys, this has to be your own initiative. A girl who grabs your neck and kisses you savagely does not make you virile, comforting and self-confident. So how to do it? That’s a good question…. Read more

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Quiksilver Pro France

This summer we went to the South-West of France and we heard a lot about the Quiksilver Pro event. Waves are huge, you know? Really, you have to see that once. In general the answer isn’t really enthusiastic: “well, I might come someday but not this year…”. We all said things like that, then finally… Read more

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Dear Truckers, as you may have noticed our beloved French Truck has stopped on the emergency lane since few days, due to some few improvements we are trying to add it (new cylinder head gasket, new wheels, a lick of paint)… actually it is a bloody mess! Like I was saying, lots of new features,… Read more

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Silmo 2009

the 21 September 2009 by Joe the "tire-remover"

Sorry for my absence: I’ve been busy last days in SILMO (Mondial de l’Optique), Paris. I produced some web videos whom this “teasing”. Most of my videos are in French but you can have a look to the “Ic! Berlin” and “Funk Food by Dieter Funk” videos which are in english! See you tomorrow for… Read more

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