Enclothing SS11 Look

Selections le 25 January 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

I really couldn’t pick only one item amongst all beautiful new releases from end. Then I had to make a spring selection for you. The outfit may appear a bit classic, but you’ll realise as the season goes along, that these items are under the spotlight. Let’s start with some “premium” boat shoes from Yuketen. You may dislike the crepe sole… we love it! You would wear them with a “classic vintage” chino from Our Legacy contrasted by a striped blue shirt, which has the “the usual high A.P.C. high standard finish”. Don’t want to hide it, do you? You certainly will, but only under a blue sweater from Universal Works. It features stiching details plus elbow patches which are going to by so trendy this spring. Another fashionable item would be woven belts. This one is resulting a collab between Pointer and Andersons, the quality Italian belt-maker. And it blends the outfit well. On top of all that, I desperately found in love with this tan wallet from WANT : Les essentiels de la vie, which name totally describes my feelings about it.

Yuketen boat shoes : £319 from endclothing
Our Legacy chino : £109 from endclothing
Apc shirt : £115 from endclothing
Universal Works sweatshirt : £75 from endclothing
Pointer x Andersons belt : £69 from endclothing
Want wallet : £75 from endclothing

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