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Selected le 24 January 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

This is an established fact, bikers and denim brands are quite close, giving birth to many clothing, bikes collaborations by the past (even denim brands sponsoring bike shows). Again those two worlds meet for spring-summer 2013 season. The Japanese denim brand Edwin approached a Parisian Biker collective called Blitz to create a capsule collection in which can be found various pieces: two jackets, jeans, a shirt, two sweaters, some t-shirts and a cap:


Blitz customized their own version of the traditional denim jacket. This trucker jacket is made of a raw 13.5 oz rigid denim and blanket lined. It also has a printed Blitz logo on the arm.


Also on the menu is this workwear inspired jacket, non-lined and still sporting the Blitz logo, this time on te chest pocket.


This collaboration features a pair of jeans based on the Edwin ED-47, a straight cut (its has been renamed EB-47 for the occation). For them they used a 14oz Japanese selvedge denim (quite rigid trousers then) and added further details for Blitz: special rivets and custom stitches.


A shirt is also part of the collection. Here again, it is made of a Japanese cotton, not raw but stonewashed (an invention of Edwin dated from the 80’s giving the fabric a washed aspect.


4 t-shirts are coming with the collection, they all have a graphic representing the bikers from Blitz and their universe.


Same for the sweaters, hooded or not, and the trucker cap their released for the occasion.


The collection should be released from the beginning of Spring 2013 at any Edwin retailer. More infos at http://edwin-europe.com

In bonus, here is the video about the collaboration showing Blitz collective member talking about their vision on this limited series, and in a wider way, on fashion in general.


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