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Selected le 14 October 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

For autumn-winter 2011 I have been appealed by the full range of t-shirts proposed by Edwin. Graphics are military inspired and mix different kinds of arts nicely. From vector art for the “Fighter” tee, to a more colored psychedelic one for the “Superfortress”, through something more vintage with the “Pilot” tee. Each one has its own charm and I would rather buy them all, but if it should be only one, I’d pick the Superfortress. Its design, inspired by a pic from World War II represents a bomber with a reference number dear to the brand’s lovers (ED 47 is a denim model from Edwin). Colors are particularily lovable and this stroked vintage effect as well.

Fighter tee: £25 (£34.95) from Infinities
Superfortress tee: £25 (£34.95) from Infinities
Pilot tee: £34.99 from Red Square clothing

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