Edwin ED47 jeans

Selected le 21 February 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

edwin ed-47 back

Any wardrobe needs a pair of raw jeans. That’s why Edwin crafts some with innovation, passion and premium fabrics since 1947. The ED47 is slighly slimmer than classic straight legs jeans. As always, Edwin is offering us a great pair of jeans, featuring a 13.5 oz raw denim from Japan. Here is the plus, Rainbow selvedge is used on them, proof Edwin did not skimp on materials here with what one could call the best denim fabric of the world. Others classic features : the classic back pockets stiching and their logo patch.

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    We totally agree with Romano: "Any wardrobe needs a pair of raw jeans"

    Edwin's ED-47 in Rainbow Selvage is therefore a great choice.