Double-breasted A.P.C pea coat

The early spring often brings about a frantic rush for a jacket to warm up the cold Parisian mornings. As I’m always short on time, I have a method of searching in concentric circles. Let me explain: you start off in the shops closest to your home and progressively widen your search as your despair deepens. After a few unsuccessful attempts and a few afternoons spent outside thanking the sky for bringing friendly weather for the moment, I still didn’t have a jacket.

apc 2007 peacoat

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And I still had the same resolution as in 2007. Off to Rue Madame and A.P.C.


And I wasn’t wrong. I came across this double-breasted pea coat which will I will definitely keep at my side over the coming months. The cut is perfect, as always with A.P.C. stuff. I’m sure this jacket will remain a timeless classic in your wardrobe for a long time (I bet my truck’s wipers). You’ll just love hiding inside in the chilly city spring mornings.

prix conseillé   €200

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