Dockers survival kit

Bear Grylls is a British adventurer retired from the special forces (SAS) and known for its tv show called Man vs Wild in which he shows how to survive in a hostile environment with a knife, a gourd and a firestone only. The success of this show really inspired Dokers who imagined a survival kit for city life. We have tested it!

Well, you’ll certainly have difficulty in making fire with its content but still, there is a knife, a bottle-opener and most of all, what’s necessary to keep a fresh breath and “beg” ! What a nice set I am presenting you, actually it is free, that’s why :p You may also want to play the adventurer, so just go to Dockers’ Facebook page and click the dedicated section. Then look for the nearest store where you can get you free kit. The first of you succeeding to make fire scraping Fisherman’s Friends and shaving cream together wins a trip in Amazonia (non-contractual offer). Good luck :)

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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