Dockers Alpha Khaki

Selected le 25 September 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"


Impossible not to think about chinos when hearing the name Dockers. And for good reason, this brand launched in 1986 by Levi’s highly contributed to popularize these military trousers worn by the US army in the fifties. For Autumn-winter 2011, Dockers releases a new model called Alpha Khaki. Their cut is more fitted, their fabric heavier looking like jeans, ageing like jeans but still has the chinos’ comfort. Dockers sums up its concept with a motto: “Where jeans end and Khakis begin”.

The Alpha Khakis is destinated to younger people with a slim-fit, three washes and nine colors! Among those we like the “Copper” (mustard), the “Legion Blue” and the orange “Terra Cotta” ones. One thing we can say is: that changes from their usual Khaki. Totally in phase with the current “colored chinos” trend, Dockers really wants its usual grandpa public to evolve.

£80 from Zalando
$59 from Urban Outfitters

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