DNM Pieces: Made in France jeans

Jens totally made in our beloved country are a rare commodity. DNM Pieces is a new French brand specialized in trousers, just as Atelier Ladurance or Bleu de Paname. The inspiration came from Tony Dos Santos, who decided to take the plunge and stard a brand in the French jeans market.


Dnm Pieces trousers are made in France, in a small workshop in the Nord where the fabric also comes from (non-selvedge for the moment, but it is to come), the other materials are from Europe (Italy, UK). The whole manufacturing process is made by hand, with a great attention to details: trims, copper buttons, nice mix of colors and quality finishing touches.

The brand launches different model: two jeans and three chinos, all named after a 7 multiple, known as the magical number. Both jeans: the n°7 and the n°14 are made of a 11oz raw denim and tightly fitted (let’s say like a Levi’s 510). The fist has a classic shape, minimalist like all basic 5 pockets trousers featuring a “coin pocket” (which isn’t used on the n°14). Nevertheless the second has a very elegant red trimming on the front pockets. Both have the brand’ specific details: a brushed stell rivet on the top corner of the right back pocket and the classic leather patch which is bull-calf made here.




The three chinos are numbered 21, 28 and 35. Available colors are quite simple: burgundy, sky blue and beige. Fabric used is 100% cotton twill and again few details are making those Dnm Pieces chinos stand out: wood buttons, denim pockets and a colored selvedge detail from each ankle. They’re close-fitted as well.


Manufacturing such products in Europe implies high retail prices: €175 for the n°7, €185 for the n°14 and €165 for the chinos. For the moment, Dnm Piece mention their wish to keep a restricted distribution. For the moment, only Culture Denim in Lille, France has them. But you can also buy their products straightly at source, on their official webstore, waiting for your nearest retailer to bet on Dnm Pieces.

More info at : http://www.dnm-pieces.com


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  • Cattail Down

    These pants look awesome. I really like those jeans and their red pocket lining!