Diesel Belt

Selected le 12 October 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Diesel Belt

What a cool belt from Diesel. The gold buckle creates a nice contrast with the belt tan body. The only thing you may dislike is the metallic logo, unless you don’t care about pseudo braw items. Albeit the whole belt is generally sober and its price is more than affordable for a 100% leather item : that’s Asos Outlet !

prix conseillé   £28

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    Ha nice I was just looking for a brown belt to fit with a clear pair of trousers, thanks for that !

  • http://www.onesidezero.co.uk brett

    I bought this belt and can't agree more, the metal logo is bulky and heavy which weighs down the belt. Simple solution is cut it off, draw around the piece you've cut off, curve the belt edge and sand it down a little. Brand new belt, no logo. :-)