Dice Cufflinks

Selected le 4 June 2010 par Joe the "tire-remover"

I know that lots of you are looking for accessories to wear at work, with a strict dress code. It is hard to fit the business crew in staying “yourself.” But remember, you only need one tiny little thing to make the difference from your colleagues. There are some accessories that can both suit your work environment and your style, and the above cufflinks are part of those. Made by Tateossian, each cufflink represents a sculpted metal dice with a “C” shaped fastening. Simple, functional, fun, and original those cufflinks are easy to wear with a strict business suit. Or, eventually, with an Italien shirt and denim for a more casual outfit :p

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sur ASOS

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • http://www.canadacufflinks.ca cufflinks

    I believe that these cufflinks will be the perfect accessories on a night out. This is actually the type of cufflinks that I would love to have and I would love to have this in my huge collection of cufflinks and other fashion accessories.

  • http://www.frenchtruckers.com Romano from Marseill

    They're actually very cool, thanks Yas da Supafly for sharing !