Denham 1rst Edition Line

Selected le 3 October 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The 1rst Edition line from Denham entails in premium pieces only available in selected stores such as Colette (Paris) or Present (London) and the Denham Stores. Then it enters the permanent collection. This season Denham releases two models part of this collection: the Crossback and the Skinner. Both made with a high quality craftsmanship:

Let’s start with the Crossback, a carrot fit jeans highly inspired by traditional workwear and featuring cross half belts from the back. The model is presented in a Virgin Pure Green Selvedge fabric and also has some more classic stuff like a coin pocket and contrasting stitches.

Here is the second part of the release. It is called “the Skinner”, a skinny fit jeans featuring 7-point-pockets, front yokes, darted hems and knees and usage of boxed button holes. This one is also made of Virgin pure green Selvedge.

Both models are made in the most traditional way of jeansmaking, and both are coming in a special box with detailed descriptions of the jeans and they craftsmanship. They are also delivered with an ‘art of the scissor’ bandana and the Denham ‘Virgin Paper’. Such beautiful pieces would simply cost an arm and a leg…I guess excellence has a price.

Denham Cross : €299.90 from Denham
Denham Skinner : €299.90 from Denham

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