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Sales le 16 June 2007 par Joe the "tire-remover"


Summer sales start on Wednesday 27 June 2007 in and around Paris for 6 weeks. And the same goes for Lyon ! The specific dates for each département (the French counties) are displayed on the DGCCRF site. To get yourself ready, the francophones among you should read our articles on making the most of the sales. The rest of you, keep reading…

This season, I will focus on the need to know your size. Because it’s doubtless one of the most important points. It’s not important which brands you wear, more that an item of clothing suits you! You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit (and you find out very quickly when you try them on), though it’s much more common for people to buy the wrong size of jeans, shirt or suit. And all the more so when you make your choices in a hurry. So if you want to make sure you don’t get it wrong (again), take notes!

Your perfect size for jeans is a 31. For a shirt, 16. And your suit is a 44. You’ll save time (not trying on 3 pairs of jeans before finding the right ones), but also you’ll avoid buying the wrong size and realising that the jeans that you liked the colour and cut of so much don’t suit you at all! Or they might look ok, from the front, but from behind it looks as if your pants are made of newspaper (to put it politely).

So, to save you adding another shelf to your pile of “prematurely-abandoned clothes at the back of the cupboard”, write the following down as a reminder:

Underwear size M
Jeans size 31
T-shirt size L
Shirt size 16
Jumper size L
Suit size 44

Apart from these preparatory measures, the best thing to do is to take someone else along for a second opinion. A friend, not a shop assistant ;-) Someone capable of telling if the size is right for you, but also the style and the colours…

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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