Cousteau’s ghetto

Fashion le 20 December 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

When I started thinking about this look, I already had those Grenson shoes and a Gloverall duffle-coat and I wanted to match them together. Few by few I completed with raw jeans, a flannel shirt then a bag. Finally, I thought it rendered a bit too sober so I needed some stand out accessories: a like this red beanie, I also chose a “ghetto” area. I went back near Lorient’s commercial port where can be found full-options fallow lands: rubbles, crates full of bottles, graffitis, wandering gulls…


Beanie Olow
Shirt Cuisse de Grenouille
Duffle-coat Gloverall
Jeans Balibaris
Sac Fossil
Derbys Grenson

Photos by Marie


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