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Regular readers of our French Version can now go without any presentation of Commune de Paris (we’ll do this later here), but everyone here has to know about Monsieur Jean-Yves today. Even though it has already been presented on French Truckers last year, a reminder has to be made. Monsieur Jean-Yves was created in 2009, place Vendôme, Paris (it has now moved two stops from here, rue Thérèse). There are tailored their sublime bow ties using the finest materials. Far from a basic bow tie, Monsieur Jean-Yves makes particularly inventive creations.

For summer 2012 Commune de Paris and Monsieur Jean-Yves teamed up to create a bow tie collection in which Monsieur Jean-Yves’ fetish accessory is customized with a touch dear Commune de Paris : insurgence. Till now, you could think Monsieur Jean-Yves bow ties were quirky, but this collaboration sets the bar higher.

For four different bow tie models Commune de Paris could choose any material and pattern. And they picked English, Italian and Japanese silk coming in striped as flecked patterns to revisit some existing styles. As for Monsieur Jean-Yves, he took care of developping the fabrics and crafting by hand all bow ties in this workshop. Each of them is developped in two colors, then we have 8 different bow ties.

They all have a very French human name: Auguste, Félix, Jules and Léo. There is no right choice here, they all have their particular thing, striped, flecked or asymmetrical! Nice materials, exquisite design leads to a certain price : Auguste, Félix and Léo would become yours for €145, Jules for €230 (good work deserves recognition). 10 ex from each are available right now from Commune de Paris e-shop, then will come to their regular stockists by the end of the year.


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