Coggles Winter (Pre)Sales

Sales the 22 December 2010 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

Coggles has not started its sales yet, nevertheless they published a code
which you can enjoy a 25% discount with.

Here is the key to a AW10-21th-century-man look. First, put some tan ranger boots, Red Wing represents a perfect price/quality ratio. Then add some jeans, raw of course. We’ve talked about them before, they are from Natural Selection. One of the most “trendyable” top would be a chambray shirt : this one from Edwin is a sure bet and its color would contrast with the jeans one. Now you could think of a “sports” jacket in the same shade of your trousers, let’s pick this Penfield one. Then rummage, rummage, rummage, (you have to echoe the boots color) and bump into Folk belt. It looks perfect but something might bother you, maybe the olive color on its back. No problem because you’ll find a Paul Smith olive bag making a double echoe : boots-belt then belt-bag. :p

Red Wing Ranger Boots £157.5 (was £210)
Natural Selection Denim £97.5 (was £130)
Folk Belt £52.5 (was £70)
Edwin Denim Shirt £75 (was £100)
Penfield Jacket £112.5 (was £150)
Paul Smith Bag £176.25 (was £235)

To get your 25% discount, use the code “HURRYUP” at checkout.

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