Coggles SS11

Selections le 3 February 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Here is a selection based on Coggles SS11 new arrivals for the wamest days of Spring. The look features some hybrid canvas pimsolls from Lyle and Scott, some YMC check shorts which we can match with a simple white tee from Folk : a quality one. Then are coming two key pieces of this look : a marvellous “Field Jacket” from Monitaly, a Japanese brand created by Yuki Matsuda (Yuketen) and a vitage looking bag from Paul Smith. Then we finally have lots of Spring masterpieces : the canvas boat shoes, a “fisherman” jacket, and a retro schoolbag.

coggles ss11 look

Lyle & Scott Shoes : £55
YMC Check Shorts : £90
Folk T-shirt : £35
Monitaly Jacket : £280
Paul Smith Bag : £200

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