Coats ideas for this winter

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Waterproof Jacket

  • Fashion Rating: Waterproof jackets are not just the neon-coloured garments you remember from your childhood. Waterproof jackets are available in a wide variety of styles, and many of the most desirable styles of the season can be found as a waterproof version.
  • Warmth Rating: Many waterproof jackets incorporate warm linings into their construction as wet weather is often correlated with the cold. However, thin waterproof jackets are available for those wet and warm days of autumn.
  • Protection from the Elements: If your main concern is keeping dry during the various downpours of the British winter then a waterproof jacket simply cannot be beaten.
  • How to Wear: Look for a waterproof jacket that picks up on the latest trends. Waterproof jackets with elements of military style are a good choice – especially those which incorporate elements of aviator jackets. Alternatively, the nautical trend is a great style and there is a large range of waterproof jackets available for this popular trend, and various waterproof jackets are a usual sight at regattas and marinas.

Camel Coats

  • Fashion Rating: Camel coats for men are making a strong showing on the catwalk this year. With great designs coming from Gucci (a handsome cashmere and angora double-breasted camel coat), Dunhill and many, many others it is defiantly a style to keep any eye out for this winter.
  • Warmth Rating: Camel coats generally have a high proportion of wool, which makes them cosy and warm in winter chill.
  • Protection from the Elements: Wool can easily become sodden with rain as it is quite absorbent, and the thick fabric can take an age to dry, meaning that a rain-shower on the way to work can still be causing you discomfort on your commute home.
  • How to Wear: The neutral colour of a camel coat makes it perfect for minimalist looks but can also be used with an outfit that would feel over-accessorised with a more flashy style of coat.

Trench Coat

  • Fashion Rating: These classic garments seem to make a return every year, and 2011 is no different. Both men’s and women’s trench coats have been staples on the catwalk for this season.
  • Warmth Rating: Trench coats are not the warmest of outerwear, as linings can interfere with the smooth, slim cut of the coat. You may be able to find trench coats with a fur lining, such as the 2011 offering from Dolce and Gabanna.
  • Protection from the Elements: Cotton twill trench coats can become easily saturated with rain, so look for a trench coat with some waterproofing.
  • How to Wear: Look for a slim line trench coat that won’t add extra pounds to your frame. Small details such as antiqued buttons and fittings add a touch of class.

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  • Chris RG

    Love the Camel coats pis, wish i could were jacket here, just a little bit too not at the mo. x